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8g -- Last Weekend of the Season
by posted 02/28/2020

Hi Parents --


Hard to believe, but this is it - last weekend of the season.  Extremely proud of this group regardless of what the outcome is this weekend - we are only 1 of 3 CYA travel teams playing this weekend - all ages, boys and girls.  And it's not like we are out there rolling over teams either - they work really hard each possession of the game and never get bothered by the game situation.


We are a little short-handed this weekend - no Chloe and no Coach Scott.  So, that means two things - first, it's ok to grab and maintain a comfortable lead throughout the game since I am missing the little voice in my head (Scott) that guides us through our trying times and second - if it all possible we need to try to find a time next week when we can all get together and celebrate the season one last time.  I know spring sports start to take over lives as soon as basketball wraps up, but I am hopeful we can find a window sometime - maybe next Friday night sometime.  If some parent wants to lead that discussion tomorrow pre-game or at half-time that would be greatly appreciated.


--Saturday, Arrive at Annandale HS-Main by 1:55 in WHITE jersey

If we win, then we turn around and return to the same gym on Sunday at 11:50.


Thanks - Paul


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8g -- Schedule This Week
by posted 02/23/2020

Hi Parents --


We are on a normal practice schedule this week and then we have the semi-finals on Saturday afternoon at Annandale HS - Main.  If we can manage to get through that, the final will be on Sunday at Annandale at 12:15.


I liked the energy and enthusiasm we had today - unfortunately I think our nerves really impacted our shooting.  Hopefully now that we have our first playoff win under our belt, we will be a little more composed going forward.  But, this team seems to enjoy doing things the hard way - hopefully we keep up the good karma for two more games.


--Monday (tomorrow) - Practice @ Hoops Plus-Red, 715-845

--Wednesday - Practice @ Campus 730-900

--Satursday - semi-finals vs. Ft. Hunt @ Annandale HS-Main - arrive by 1:55 in WHITE jersey.


Thanks - Paul


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